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NaturKeto originated from a rare combination of passion and goal – a passion for nature-sourced supplements to reach wellness and fitness goals.

Trending now is the Ketogenic Diet and the proofs for its effectiveness in long-term health, weight loss and fitness are amazing. This Low Carb High Fat diet proposes a simple rule to follow: Eat Fat to Lose Fat. It sounds pretty simple and even ironical. But its scientific bases are very sound. When the body is starved of carbohydrates and glucose, it resorts to burning fats, the stored fuel, which results in weight loss.

But, the catch is: it is not that easy to stick to, when most of the world runs on carbohydrates and fears fats. Add to that the plethora of delicacies heavy on carbs. It is just too easy to slip back to the regular high-carb diet when all you love are in the form of carbs. And quite often, you will find yourselves wondering what to eat when you cannot eat breads, pasta, desserts, sweet fruits and literally anything with grain flours and sugars. You can, as long as the amount of carbs is limited to less than 15% of the day’s total calorie-intake. But we know it won’t stop at that.

Keto-lovers all over the world have found out excellent substitutes for everything carb and are leading a delicious keto lifestyle with keto-friendly recipes using low carb substitutes for various flours and sugars. For example, almond flour is a popular substitute for those who love baked goodies. Many kinds of nut and seed flours are in trend now. Moreover, natural sweeteners like Stevia leaves or extracts also make life easier for those with a sweet tooth. But they have their catches.

As your body adjusts to the new fuel, ketones, the low energy phase needs to be survived and to accelerate the process of fat-burning, ketones need to be flushed into our system as much as possible. What we need to keep the body in Ketosis are just two compounds added to our diet, to beat the carbs on the race to being the ultimate source of energy – Ketones and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

NaturKeto dotes on making the currently-trending Ketogenic Diet easy to stick to and strives to make sure your Keto Journey meets its goals of fitness and wellness.

We have worked hard on creating high-end formulas that are designed to blend in with your daily diet, without robbing away your time and convenience.

Our supplements are formulated after keen research, which is why we chose two products to sustain and accelerate the effects of a ketogenic diet – BHB Salts and MCT Oil Powder.

New to Ketogenic Diet, BHB Salts and MCT Oil Powders? Educate Yourself!

Already a Keto-Lover looking to give a push to your Keto-Recipes, Meals and yourself? We have got the right stuff for you!

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