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Know the essentials of the Keto diet

Know the essentials of the Keto diet


We all know about the Keto diet. It’s been the talk of the town for a while now. But do you know what exactly this diet is, what kinds of food are included in it, and most importantly, is it a diet that can be followed using Indian food? These are all very important questions, and our post is going to explain this diet and also give you some pointers on how best you can follow it using simple Indian meals.

A ketogenic diet is one that is very low on carbs, high in fat and requires a moderate level of protein. Our bodies prefer to burn carbs for fuel, and the keto diet forces our bodies to use our body fat as a fuel, thereby leading to weight loss, at a rapid rate. However it often becomes a challenge to know what kinds of food will be suitable under the diet. Just know that it’s very much possible to make the Keto diet your own, using regular Indian meals. You just need to add some essential keto-friendly items in your pantry that will make this process that much easier.

Here are some quick tips that you can follow:

  • Always keep the portion size in mind; if you’re used to eating 3 chapattis for lunch, make it 2!
  • Include lots and lots of green leafy vegetables, root vegetables and fruits to your diet. These are the right kinds of carbs that will be good for the body while on Keto.
  • Avoid having refined flour – it’s only calories.
  • Include peanut oil, coconut oil and butter in your daily meal planning. Cheese is also good during Keto!
  • You can have desserts while on this diet.
  • Stop having sodas, aerated drinks and packaged food as the sugar content in them won’t aid your weight loss goals ever!

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