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Myths That You shouldn’t believe about Keto Diet

Myths That You shouldn’t believe about Keto Diet

Before you decide to go on any diet, you have to make it as clear as possible that the diet you are planning to go on is efficient and safe. Then you might have a doubt: There are plenty of diets available on the market. Why should I choose a Keto diet, which is low in carbohydrates?

Well, Keto diet is a revolutionary process of cutting down on those stubborn ounces of fat you desperately wanted to lose. You basically have to live on very low to zero carbs, combined with a diet rich in fat and also a reasonable amount of protein.But many times people get discouraged from giving it a try due to the keto diet myths you come across quite often.

Here are the top 5 Keto-diet Myths that you must ignore:

  1. Keto diet is high in protein and fat

Like the Atkin’s diet, Keto diet is also low in carbs and is not particularly high in protein. But what people fail to understand is that a diet must include a moderate amount of protein in a diet as it allows the transition into ketosis, which produces ketones. Ketones then become your body’s primary energy sources.

  1. It is best for weight-loss only

Ketogenic doubt is undoubtedly a very successful weight-loss program available as it utilizes high fat and other low carb ingredients to burn body fat. But keto diet benefits are not just limited to fat burning and weight loss only. It also works best in balancing the hormone production in your body, normalizing blood sugar, boosting digestive health, as well as in improving the functioning of cognitive abilities. Another major benefit of trying keto diet is that it also protects your body from the risk of diseases like diabetes and heart risks.

  1. You cannot exercise when on a keto diet

This is another myth that people often believe about keto diet. Nowadays exercise is a vital part of everyone’s lifestyle. When you are on a keto diet, you initially feel low while doing the workouts, but it doesn’t last long as your body starts adjusting. Even if you are going for high-intensity workouts, there aren’t going to be any problem as ketogenic diet is not going to affect your performance in any way.

But make sure you keep a check on a calories intake and consume enough calories and fat to support your workout. It is also essential to take breaks between the workouts for the recovery.

  1. Keto Diet helps you lose muscle mass

Before you start your keto journey, it is vital to know that instead of losing muscle mass, keto-diet can actually help you gain muscle mass. Yes, by combining keto diet and strength building training, you can quickly gain strength and build muscle. Though it is true that low-carb diets have shown the loss of muscle tissue, there is no such evidence that proves Keto-diet helps you lose muscle mass.

So, now that you know how keto diet is right for your health and how it can optimize your overall health, start your journey to achieve better health with a keto diet.

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