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Simple Keto Breakfast Recipes


Simple Keto Breakfast Recipes

Starting your Keto journey? Stay on top of your diet game with some healthy, fun and interesting breakfast recipes that will begin your day much better!

  1. Eggs and more eggs

You read that right. Eggs are awesome while on this diet as they will supply you with good amounts of protein and fats, while keeping you full. You can boil them, scramble them, double fry them, make an omelet or have a sunny side up, whatever you prefer! Whichever way you’re having eggs, make sure to avoid adding tomatoes to them as tomato isn’t very keto-friendly!

  1. Quick fix chia pudding

This is a very easy breakfast to make, with simple ingredients. Just mix chia seeds, coconut milk and honey together in a bowl, and let the mixture set overnight in the fridge. Next morning, take it out of the fridge and make sure your pudding has got a thick consistency.

The chia seeds would have also gelled up. Top this up with some fresh fruits and there’s your healthy breakfast!

  1. Almond butter in apples

Yep, that’s what we’re saying. This is probably one of the simplest meals you can have and it’s perfect for the morning rush. All you need is to make your own version of almond butter. Take almonds, add some sea salt, cinnamon and honey to them and grind them all in a food processor. Once you’ve got the almond butter of your preferred consistency; spread some of it on apple slices! Believe us, it will taste heavenly.

  1. Good old masala chai

Tea for breakfast? That’s right. Begin your day right with a tasty blend of spices that will keep you energized. Use black tea leaves, coconut cream, water, masala tea spice blend and honey (optional), and stay in keto. This one’s a winner!

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